Welcome to Mama Root

If you are About to chill on the beach or explore the island we are About to make it happen. Mama Root is a Beach House in Kizimkazi, Zanzibar, made for all of you – thirsty for white sands and aquamarine water. Thirsty for life with no schedule and chase. The house has six rooms with private bathrooms and big veranda with beautiful view, where you can relax and recharge your batteries. For those who likes to stay online Mama Root have wi-fi and for those who easily get tired of chilling there is a whole vibrant village right behind the gate. So if you chose to stay busy there is plenty to do.
Mama Root offers Restaurant and soon soon we will open the Bar.
It’s perfect place for a private party if you need one, and we are more than happy to organize it for you. But if you are planning to stay focused and admire Dar-Es-Salam on the distant horizon, we will keep it as it is-a little paradise tuned to the sound of waves.

More about the House

Little bite of Africa’s  East coast, drifting benith the Equaitor. Magic 6 degrees South Latitude. It is the largest coralline island on the African Coast. Marvelous Archipelago that has been focal point for maritime traders, merciless conquests, pirates, slave and ivory trading of East Africa .

Mama Root House is located right in front of the Indian Ocean and one minut away from the village center. A big lush garden on the back of the house is separating Mama Root from the busy village life. You will have a privacy. There is a big parking avaliable inside the plot if you are traveling by car.
The house was build in 1992 and it was a first House providing Dolphing Tours in the area. Now the first fiber boat in the village became Mam’s Root Beach Bead with cozy mattress inside and is “docked” in front the House.
Veranda, main entrance and two rooms are facing sunny South and the Indian Ocean. Four remaining rooms are facing the garden, Zen-Zone for those who loves birds twittering in the morning. This setup provides a lot of shade and keep the interior of the house away from the heat.

Mama Root decor is very simple and plain. Every room has a different floor plan but its furnished in a similar way. All designed by Mama Root. 

There is no kitchen inside the house. The kitchen is located in a separated restaurant building on the West side of the plot. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Orders for main meals are taken in advance as Mama Root team needs time to arrange fresh products. Yeah, we know … slow cooking style but we love to stay away from frozen or packed goods, we are proudly supporting local farmers and Mother Nature leaving her less plastic to struggle with. 

Mama Root also offers short excursions around the Island. For more info please go to: Excursions

If you wish to be picked up / drop off at the airport please let us know.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact Mama Root @ hello@mamaroot.com