Mama Root will help you to organize any of your day trips. The trips duration and pricing differ. You will decide on your budget and plan and we will help you to get it right.


Safari Blue, 

In front of Mama Root House

This trip starts after breakfast and takes around 5-6 hours. The captain is taking you on the fiber boat toward Pungume Island, located 40 minutes away from the shore. You start your day snorkeling in nearby coral garden and than you are taken to the isolated sand bank for the sea food lunch. You will have time to chill and bath while the team is grilling fresh sea food on the spot. On the way back you are going to see mangrooves located around Menai Bay and the west coastline of Zanzibar. You can spot Red Colobus Monkeys while you are visiting Menay Bay.

Jozani Forest,

Jozani Chwaka Bay is the only National Park and holds island’s original fauna and flora. This is the house for more than 50 kind of butterflies, 83 types of birds, reptiles and famous Red Colobus Monkeys. The park was actually created to protect them. Why? Get all the stories at the spot. The trees are talking. Trip to Jozani Forest takes around 20 minutes. We recommend taking a taxi to the Park. You can get your ticket at the center. Park Guide will show you around. After seeing forest you taxi driver takes you to mangroves located nearby. It will be small drive distance from the park. The whole trip takes around 3 hours. You can combine this tour with visit to the Butterfly Center. 

Butterfly Center,

Located in Pete village, this tropical garden is a home to hundreds of native butterflies and the largest butterfly enclosure in East Africa. They are offering guided tours around the garden and interactive butterfly exhibit. You can combine this tour with visit to Jozani Forest.

Beach Walk
Jambiani, Paje 

You can visit Jambiani and Paje and have a nice walk on the beach from one village to the other. The beach is long like a runaway, wide like boeing wings and busy like the airplane’s  engine. Lots of bars, restaurants, kite centers and so on. The driver will drop you off in Jambiani and pick you up at our favorite coffee shop Mr. Kahawa in Paje where you can replace missing calories with brownie and coffee. They got it right. You can combine this tour with visit to Seaweed Center. 

Seaweed Center

This company enables the women of Paje to harvest seaweed and then make a living by transforming it into desirable organic soaps, scrubs and essential oils (also involving cloves, coconut and local honey). You will get a tour around seaweed plantation, see how local ladies prepare cosmetics and have a chance to buy your own supplies of oils, lotions or natural soaps made from the ocean goodies.
Please check our tide chart as the center is open only during low tides. You can combine this tour with Beach Walk from Jambiani to Paje. 

The Old Town
Stone Town

So much to see and one day will never be enough. Most buildings are UNESCO World Heritage, older than 150 years. You can smell the history of past sultans and princesses. Get your souvenir kit, try delicious sugar cane juice, bite some dates, take tones of pictures, wonder in slow motion admiring the chaos of the town. Don’t mind the dust, relax on the beach a little and go back to the narrow streets of magic Stone Town. Taxi will bring you back home once you get tired of this vibrant place on earth. The driver takes you to Darajani Market. You can walk toward the ocean front. The driver will pick you up from Old Fort. If yo would like to have a guide and hear all the stories let us know. You can combine this trip with visit Prison Island.

Prison Island

Prison Island (located near 30 minuets boat ride from Stone Town) used to be a place where slaves were detained. Nowadays it’s just a beautiful island with white sand beaches, surrounded with coral reef. What is left from past is former prison ruins. And Giant Tortoises. Old indeed. The small sandy beach on Prison Island is a place where you can relax or sunbath. If you would like to snorkel, the boat can take you a few meters off shore where you can disembark into deeper water with an small area of coral. You can combine this trip with visit to Stone Town.

Spice Tour,

All the flavors of the island mixed in one plantation. Learn about vanilla, the queen of them all. Try lipstick fruit if you are a lady, taste pepper seed or chili if you are a man;) Get the whole story about cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and many other essential ingredients in a Zanzibari’s everyday life. Get a taste of tropical fruits straight from the farm. Juicy and sweet just like the island itself. You can combine this trip with visit to Stone Town.

Sunset at the Bay

Enjoy the walk into a very different Mangrove Forest. To see trees growing in the ocean with roots sticking out of the sand is quite an unusual view. A symphony of birds and crickets adds to the show. After that you can go to the local beach bar to admire sunset over the quiet Michamvi Bay. For interested and hungry ones we can arrange grilled fish and for thirsty ones there will be barman swinging to the reggae sounds. For this trip we recommend to check local tide chart as its hard to get into the Mangrove Forest during the hight tide. 

The Rock

Famous from being famous. Worth seing from nearby Upendo hotel and restaurant. You can make it as your stop on your way to Michamvi Bay. 


Kizikazki Coral Reef is still unspoiled so for those would like to dig deeper we recommend scuba DiveTie Zanzibar. They have many courses (Padi Bubblemaker for kids, PADI Sucba Diving or PADI Open Water and many more for certified divers.