Outer Space of Taste

This Island is spiced up with all variety of magic flavors. There will be no meal without a pinch of this or that. Even plain rice will be cooked with addition of cloves, cardamon or cinnamon. Local cup of milk will smell warm and sweet, morning fresh squezed juice will have spicy aftertase of zesty ginger or super healthy turmeric. There will be no dish simple and plain. Thats the Island’s recipe and rule.
Breakfasts at Mama Root are mix of what you already know and what you might like to taste. Toasted bread with eggs of your choice, fresh squezed juice and mandazi ( local donut ) coffee or tea. If you wish, we make it more african and switch to chapatti ( flat round bread made of wheat ). Lunch and dinner menu changes acording to seasonal avalibility and fisherman’s catch of the day. We take orders in advance as we need time to arrange fresh products.We stay away from frozen or packed goods, we are proudly supporting local farmers and Mother Nature leaving her less plastic to struggle with.

Seasonal Availability List