Mama’s Root humble attempt to catch and share some flavors of the island.
Take a deep breath out, that will leave your lungs empty like my pocket. Than take a deep breath in, and imagine that you are standing in front of a big fan that is shredding things into scents.
Than toss your first fish into it. After that a handful of sea weeds, dry hot sand and pinch of sugar. Can you smell it?
Let’s try this.
You are standing in the middle of old wooden cabin, doesn’t matter the time of the year. Close your eyes and add to your cabin a wheelbarrow of fresh fish. Make a little fire with coconut oil in the middle of it and you will be able to smell the evening. You shall not forget about potatoes in the aluminum foil once you have a fire going. That will just help a little bit.
Still nothing?
Let’s try this.
Do you know the smell of fresh cut grass?
Imagine the opposite of it;)
Keep trying, keep going, or just come here;)
It will be easier to smell it together.

Dark Nights

Remember power outages when you were young?
Your mom was running to the kitchen to grab the last piece of candle from your forgotten birthday cake. It was enough to slightly light up the room and track down the curtains or your scared to death dog.
You didn’t know what to do with yourself tossed into the quiet darkness of the moment. You, and hundreds of your fellow neighbors… When you finally gave up wondering how to survive without TV the whole family was sitting together, surrounded and resigned.
After few minutes you could hear your heart bit and became aware of yourself, after half an hour you were engaged talking to your father about your day at school, an hour later all of you were taking sweet family nap with no regrets.
Power surges happens here very often and no one knows when the island will fix all defectives wires. It just happens so the moon can shine in his glory. And it shines! Nobody cries after TV because nobody has one. There is no search for piece of candle because the fire is already burning. There is only the same “aaaaaawwwwwww” every time the power gets back.
We all love the light.
But there is nothing better than moonlight among the palm trees and stars.

Magic Spirits

The village Witch Doctor is curing 4 patients suffering from mental illness while the crowd of colorful ladies dance in the circle to chase the bad spirits away. Very powerful and spectacular dance.
Zanzibar’s Black and White magic recipes calls for roots very often and the rituals are not a joke here.
Mnanuzi Root, Mweusha Jini Root, Mlaza Laza, Mvunja Chuma, Mpamba Wake and many many other powerful Roots that can do the magic with little help of the Believers;)
We can also do the magic at Mama Root. Just believe in us;)