I was told that all fishermen are leaving for Pemba soon… The season is over. I will have to get used to their absence.
I have called them Pirates just because they are Pirates.
Three months away from home, living on the boats like there is no land. Craving for every piece of grass and shade.
They have chilled on our plot like it was Center Park at 4pm. Looking at the horizon like hypnotized.
Morning routine: fish market, laundry, cooking, fixing boats, and looking for a shade. Waiting for next tide that will take them back to work. Same way you are waiting for the bus or train or subway. Nature has her schedule.
Disappearing every afternoon for night at the ocean. Tangled in fish net, soak from the breeze, homesick for sure.
Will miss this view for sure.
Now my time to look at the ocean, like hypnotized, and wait for them to return.
“So long and thanks for all the fish”.

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